Empty Rooms

Now that our Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces have been moved, rooms 2, 3 and 4 are absolutely empty! It is very strange walking through these galleries which look very different now that the floors have been sanded. To me they already appear much larger and definitely brighter. Tomorrow morning we will start painting!

An empty Room 3 at the Courtauld Gallery

An empty Room 3

Paintings on the move

Our most popular Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings have been relocated. Masterpieces such as Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère and Renoir’s La Loge are now on view in the rooms which were previously occupied by our Rubens and Old Masters collections. Once the refurbishment of the first floor is complete our Manets, Monets and Van Goghs will move to their final locations.

The Courtauld's collection of Impressionist paintings moved to Room 6

More decisions on the colour scheme

Today Ernst Vegelin (left), Head of The Courtauld Gallery, and the curators looked at more options for the colours in our Old Masters rooms. It takes a long time to find a colour that works with every painting on display. Of course we also have to make sure that the colour scheme goes with our beautiful 18th century rooms.

Ernst Vegelin considers new colours for the Courtauld Gallery

The hoarding outside Somerset House goes up

Somerset House is looking very different today as our façade is concealed behind scaffolding and hoardings. Until the end of May we will be working hard on cleaning the stonework which over the past decades has turned very dark. Come the start of June the façade of Somerset House will gleam once again!

Hoarding outside Somerset House during the renovation work

Hoarding outside Somerset House during the renovation work

Wall colours for the first floor rooms are finalised

After many hours of deliberation and discussion, the Gallery team have finally reached a conclusion on the wall colours for the majority of rooms. Our facilities team painted many colour panels which were then held up against each painting. We hope you will be very pleased with the final choice come 4 June.

Ernst Vegelin and Graham Barraclough hold possible colours against a wall in the gallery

Head of the Gallery Ernst Vegelin and Chief Conservator Graham Barraclough hold possible colours against a wall in the gallery